Velvet Crush 2011

This wine looked interesting.  It was on sale for about $4 off its normal price, and I figured, even if I didn’t particularly like it, I wouldn’t mind.

It comes in a dark bottle with a black label — Velvet Crush, Crush Master’s Red Blend 2011, combing Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petite Sirah.  It looked beautiful in the glass, and tasted even better.  It was smooth and deep, and left a beautiful aftertaste.

It paired well with many different kinds of food, especially a nice roasted pork, and a sausage/tomato pasta dish.

It was terrific to drink on its own, curled up on a snowy winter’s night with a good book.

The back of the label states it’s “vinted and bottled” by Diageo Wines in Sonoma.  I searched Diageo Wines, found their website frustrating, and found references to California vineyards in Napa, but not Sonoma, and no mention of this particular blend.  It is on the Wine Bar site, but that’s more of an online shopping destination than an informational site.  So, no background on the vineyard.  The label makes it sound like it uses grapes from different vineyards, and maybe that’s it.

Looking through my last few posts, it seems I enjoy wines that use Petite Sirah.  Something good to know and to explore further in my adventures, learning more about Petite Sirah on its own, its history, etc.  There’s some grape research in my future!

Even at its full price, just under $15, it’s more than reasonable and well worth buying multiple bottles.

Of all the wines I’ve drunk since I started focusing on buying wines to try, taste, and post, this is, by far, my favorite.  My birthday was this week, although I’m scheduling to post ahead,  so it might be just the wine I need with which to celebrate!


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